Edibles are a fantastic way to get lifted for a long time without having to put your lungs in distress. It can be intimidating at first! But if you go low (5-10mg at a time if you’re new) and slow, you’ll find your goldilocks zone in no time! One thing you do NOT want to do is eat too much. You will regret it when you find yourself too intoxicatingly high, and trying to keep your soul from leaving your body. In all seriousness, ingesting cannabis in this manner can cause some serious anxiety if you aren’t being careful. In this instance, patience is a virtue and the payoff is on point when you do it right!

Once you are ready to give homemade edibles a go, your recipe will most likely call for some cannabutter. It’s not the only way to incorporate THC/CBD into your edibles but it is definitely the most common. We also need to add a quick disclaimer that it is difficult to even estimate how much THC or CBD is in homemade cannabutter because it largely depends on a bunch of science that the general public is not well informed on. So use at your own risk!