We love cannabis. One of the things we love about cannabis is all the different ways to partake! We love edibles, we love dabbing concentrates, we love rolling joints and the occasional blunt. But one of our most favorite methods through vaporization. Check out our post about how and why vaporization rocks!

We would like to show you the 3 vaporizers that we use modeled next to a beautiful and lush nug of Blue Pez.


This was our first vaporizing piece EVER. It’s badass because it is small, portable, and dual use as in it can heat both flower AND concentrates! It even has an app that you can use to adjust the temperature. The Firefly is convenient to have on hand if you are venturing out and need to be discreet. We’ve found that it’s good to use on road trips and it has been with us to a few weddings. However, to be honest, this piece takes some getting used to and learning how to efficiently heat and pull is a pain in the ass. We wouldn’t recommend it for a veteran stoner because it’ll just be more of a headache. But it still makes the ranks if we need a back up.


Once we started smoking more, we started using the volcano. The Volcano can be used solo but it comes in especially handy if there are multiple people involved. It vaporizes the flower into a plastic bag that everyone can puff on and pass around. The standard bag is great for a smaller gathering. But if you are expecting a big crowd, fear not! The Volcano offers bigger “party-sized” bags! We cycle our flower through 1-3 times depending and then save the dry leftovers to infuse edibles. It doesn’t even look remotely threatening to those who are staunchly against or unfamiliar with anything cannabis related. We’ve left ours out in the open camouflaged as an essential oil diffuser!


As we’ve slowly moved from loose flower to concentrates, this is our newest addition to the family. This piece is DOPE! It is so efficient and easy to use. The Peak fits perfectly in our car making it the perfect travel rig. I would advise blatantly using it in public because it does look like a bong and will draw unwanted attention. It is so convenient that we like to use it in the house when we need a quick sesh and aren’t able to bust out all of the accoutrements.

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