Reefer Madness:

At this time, The Controlled Substances Act. still classifies cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug. This means, according to our government, it has no known medicinal value and has a high potential for abuse. In the US, cannabis is illegal at the federal level meaning that there can be some heavy consequences if it comes into your possession depending on what state you are in.

Prohibition and The War on Drugs have perpetuated this mass notion that cannabis is illegal because it is bad. And that those who choose to use cannabis are wayward, morally corrupt, and must be severely punished! The result of all this is nothing but a bunch of unfair jail sentences, and negative stereotypes that have us pigeonholed! I have personally witnessed someone fly into a passionate verbal tirade against cannabis, and then reduce its users to scum. But we aren’t! We are your average everyday person!

Discrimination against cannabis users is nothing new. The prejudices are all alive and well especially in the generations that were heavily influenced by Reefer Madness, the racially targeted propaganda from the Anslinger era, and the 80’s “Just Say No” campaigns. Change is on the horizon, however, because research has shown that cannabis has several therapeutic benefits!

Cannabis Heals:

I believe that every person on this earth has a vice. There is no escaping the stresses of life. So we look for ways to alleviate it to make things easier. Like a crutch for a broken leg, we don’t want to depend upon it but we want it there to lean on and help keep us balanced enough to get around. Finding a proper balance is key. You don’t want it to completely consume you otherwise it defeats its entire purpose. Cannabis is my vice and I use it to combat unnecessary stress and anxiety. It mellows me out, helps me focus on what’s important, and provides a level of introspection that I would not reach otherwise.

My personality type (INFJ) requires a lot of energy absorption from the people around me. This can be overstimulating and incredibly distressing at times. I’m prone to severe sleep tension, anxiety driven outbursts, and worry. So, I use cannabis to tackle those intrusive thoughts and soothe the havoc that my mind wreaks on itself. I’ve found my balance of medicating with CBD during the day and THC before bed to help me sleep. Now, I rarely sweat the small stuff, I’m well-rested, less frazzled and more motivated!

“It mellows me out, helps me focus on what’s important, and provides a level of introspection that I would not reach otherwise.”

However, my cannabis story is less impressive than the changes I have witnessed first-hand in other people. Namely, my husband.

Let’s talk about veterans for a minute. I am married to a combat veteran. He went through some really heinous stuff as a young man that, unfortunately, left him with some invisible wounds. At first, he was his normal self. However, as time went on, I sat front row to watching our marriage and his mental health rapidly deteriorate into a toxic puddle of sludge without hardly a prospect of improvement. Combined with my own obstacles, our family suffered through some intense dark times as we both relentlessly struggled to find harmony. Thankfully, the VA takes care of him up to a certain point. But we found ourselves turning to unconventional means to give him that extra boost to living his best life.

On a whim, perhaps with nothing left to lose, we introduced cannabis into our relationship. I kid you not, it was like night and day how fast and drastically things turned around! Now that we both effectively manage our mental health, we can focus better on our marriage! Our communication with each other has improved so much and I don’t think our relationship would be where it is today without the help of cannabis.